Best Casino Sites No Wagering Requirements

While players are looking for the best casino sites no wagering requirements, online casinos do not hurry to give wager-free bonuses to all and everyone. The thing is that by applying wagering requirements, casinos prevent bonus abuse. If all bonuses were free of wagering, then players would just take cash and leave. But with the strict requirements, players have to stay and try to complete them.

What is the wagering requirement?

This is true that some players are looking for breeches to use the bonus to their advantage. But because of the wagering requirements, even players that want to abuse bonuses will have to wager their winnings a few times.

A wagering requirement determines the number of times the bonus must be wagered by a player before he can cash out the winnings. For example, if your bonus is $20, and the wagering requirement is x20, you will need to wager the bonus amount 20 times. In fact, it is $400.

Your bonus can be a bunch of free spins, but it’s also subject to wagering requirements. However, in this case, you need to wager the winnings from free spins. For example, if you win $15 from free spins, to cash them out, you need to place $300 in wagers.

All in all, wagering requirements are a sad thing for players, This is why most of them search for casino sites with zero wagering.

Advantages of No Wagering Casino Sites

No wagering sites are hard to find. But once you find one, you’ll have many benefits:

  • When a player uses no wagering bonuses, he can simply cash out everything from his account and leave. In this regard, no wagering casinos must offer something more to the player to keep him. So, one should expect amazing wager-free promotions, tournaments, and new games every week
  • Playing at a no-wagering casino, users will have their own funds. Their cashable balance cannot expire, unlike the bonus funds. Therefore, players will never be pressured by the time limit and number of wagers. This also helps prevent gambling addiction.
  • No wagering casinos sites tend to have simple rules for bonuses. Usually, they don’t have a cap on winnings and withdrawals. In other words, players are free of any restrictions in their play. They can play whichever games they want, place any bet size, and withdraw any amount of winnings that fit in daily withdrawal limits.
  • Finally, there is no wagering which is great news. Players don’t have to wager their bonus or winnings from free spins. They can simply enjoy the bonus and have fun.

Still, you shouldn’t ignore the bonus rules of no-wagering casinos. Even though they don’t apply wagering requirements, there are still some terms and conditions you need to comply with. So before playing with a wager-free bonus, read the terms.


The demand for no-wagering online casinos has begun quite recently. There are not so many casinos that come to such a decision. Nevertheless, we hope that soon players will have a bigger choice of casinos with no wagering requirements.